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Virginia and David offer an optimistic, positive perspective on a disease that most people dread.

Virginia Bell and David Troxel are experts on Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia who believe it is possible for people with dementia and their loved ones to travel the journey together. They believe in equipping caregivers and family members with the skills they need to maximize quality of life and help their loved ones retain their dignity.

These experienced, media-savvy experts have appeared together and separately on dozens of local and national radio and TV shows and have been interviewed for local and national print publications including the Los Angeles Times and NBC Nightly News.

Virginia and David can

  • provide background information and expert commentary on Alzheimer’s and long-term care for breaking news stories, features, or in-depth series
  • put you in touch with families and professional caregivers to add a further dimension to your story
  • direct you to model programs
  • comment on public policy issues
  • share their own stories as family caregivers who have journeyed with loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

Best Friends in the News contains sample media clips featuring Virginia Bell and David Troxel.

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