Topics & Formats

Contact David to request a one- or two-hour, half day, or full-day presentation tailored to your group or institution. Presentations can be face-to-face or conducted via webinar. Here are some of our favorite topics:

The Best Friends™ Model of Dementia Care

An introduction to the award-winning model now practiced worldwide.

DT in Amsterdam

Mona Lisa and the Art of Dementia Care

Art and stories “paint a picture” about quality dementia care. Learn about the history of dementia care and contemporary best practices from Mona Lisa, Picasso’s “Two Sisters”, and other great art.

Putting the Active into Activities

How to create an interesting day for persons with dementia—and why keeping persons active and engaged is good for the brain and body, reduces behaviors that are challenging to family and staff, and leads to greater happiness and well-being for all.

Spirituality and Dementia

Everyone has a spirit, and it remains until the end. Explore spirituality and aging, and ways to touch the spirit of persons with dementia, particularly in later stages.

Creating a Dementia-Friendly Company

Become more dementia-capable by understanding the impact of dementia and caregiving on your workforce and market, so you can better meet customer and employee needs.

Communicating with Success

An interactive workshop on the challenges of communicating with persons with dementia. Utilizing case studies, role plays and group discussion, come away with practical, effective tips and techniques.

Hugs are Better than Drugs

Non-pharmacological and therapeutic environments can reduce the need for psychotropic drugs. Learn how to help your team and families turn frustration into satisfaction and failure into success.

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