Is your memory care program less than memorable? We can help you create or improve it!

Working closely with you, David and a team of Best Friends™ experts can help you craft a program that reflects the personality and values of your organization, is easy for your team to learn, and results in satisfied families and marketplace success. There are key best practices to incorporate into any memory care program, but there’s lots of room for creativity and innovation as you develop your program. Customers and/or families are becoming increasingly sophisticated and understand key elements of good programming. The market will reward you when you do a great job!

Whether you want to improve an existing program or create a custom memory care program from scratch, we can help you to:

  • Provide a confidential assessment of your program with written recommendations for improvement
  • Create a vision and values statement
  • Develop effective names, logos, and marketing
  • Build an effective caregiving team through staff recruitment, training and retention
  • Develop onsite training and/or training materials for staff to implement your Best Friends™ program
  • Coach key program leaders
  • Develop Best Friends™ programs including new program start-ups, enhanced dementia care programs, and improved activity and engagement programs
  • Create marketing and educational materials for the general public and health care professionals

Contact David Troxel for information or a proposal for consulting with your long-term care organization for one-time or ongoing projects. See David’s clients here.